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About Us

B&C Magical Tips and Trips was founded by Bayley and Chloe, two Disney fanatics who love traveling with their friends and family to the most magical place on Earth. We love sharing our love of Disney with others and want to help you have a magical experience with your family at one of Disney's many destinations. 

Bayley is a middle school math and dance teacher. In her free time she enjoys watching Disney movies, baking and playing with her dog and cats. Bayley is most excited for her next Disney vacation in February because she is taking her boyfriend, who has never been to Disney. 

Chloe is a college student double majoring in dance and psychology, as well as a dance teacher. In her free time Chloe enjoys creating artwork and cuddling with her dogs. Chloe is excited for her family's next Disney vacation coming up in November. 

Pictured below is Bayley and her sister at one of Bayley's favorite rides in Epcot!

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