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How Early Should I Book my Disney Vacation?

Travelers ask all the time “how early should I book my next Disney vacation?” and the answer to this question is really up to you.

Disney hotels are available to book 499 days in advance. Currently you can book your vacation through December of 2022. Disney only requires a $200 deposit to secure your room reservation. You can then pay for the rest of your vacation on your own timeline. Disney does not require set payment installments or for you to pay each month. Disney’s only requirements are the $200 initial deposit and for payment to be complete 30 days prior to your vacation. This means if you book your vacation early you can spread payments out over several months before your trip.

Another aspect of planning your vacation that you should think about is dining reservations and Fast Pass+ reservations. While Disney does not currently have Fast Passes available for their rides due to Covid. We hope they will bring these back in the near future. Prior to Covid dining reservations could be booked 180 days prior to your trip, however currently they are being booked 60 days in advance. This is important because popular restaurants and character dining reservations can be difficult to snag. By having your vacation planned more than 60 days in advance you can greatly increase your chances go getting these reservations.

Currently with covid restrictions, the Walt Disney World is requiring guests to have a park ticket and a park reservation for each park they will travel to. This is so they can limit/track guests in the parks. It is important to book with enough time to make these important reservations.

Your reservation is also flexible up until the 30 days before your trip. You can modify or cancel your trip with Disney as long as you are outside the 30 day window. After that time frame your modification can still be made but must be completed over the phone, which is where your Disney travel agent can come in handy. We wait on the phone for you and handle everything, free of charge.

In summary we suggest you book your vacation as soon as you are ready to put your deposit in. With only a $200 deposit we can currently book your vacation through December of 2022. This gives you more time and flexibility to pay off your vacation, gives you the greatest chance of getting the dining reservations you are hoping for and will help you save the most money.

Interested in booking your next Disney vacation or want more information. We offer free Disney vacation planning services. Complete our quote request form today to get your free no-obligation quote within 48 hours. Email us at with any questions you may have. Help us out by following us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest @bcmagicaltipsandtrips.


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