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5 Amazon Products you Need for your Next Disney Vacation

Whether it's your first time to a Disney park or you have been going for years, there are always new products that you will see other guests have at the parks and think “Man I wish I had thought of that!” Here are a few items that we have thought of or have seen at Disney parks that have either helped us on our trip or that we have wished we had. We have linked these products from Amazon so that you can buy them before your next trip.

#1 Personal Mini Fans - We all know that Florida or California in the summertime can be very very hot and while you are waiting in line for a ride you may or may not be able to find some shade. Disney usually has fans in certain areas of ride queues but you may not be able to stand next to them for long. Personal mini fans connect through the charging port in your cell phone and use your phone’s battery to power it. They are actually pretty powerful fans. My mom uses these fans every time we are at Disney (and outside of Disney when she is having hot flashes lol). Every time she uses these people come up to her and ask where she got it because they think it is so neat. You can find multi-packs on Amazon in a variety of colors. You can also find ones that are capable with IOS or Android phones. We have linked a four pack of IOS fans and a 6 pack of multi phone brands fans. I have seen them at stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond a few years ago! Disney sells fans and water misters in the park but these can be extremely expensive. These mini and inexpensive fans are sure to help with the heat while you are in line or walking to the next attraction.

#2 External Phone Power Bank - You will also find that you will be using your Smartphone quite a bit in the park. Whether you are looking at wait times for rides, checking fast pass times, making dining reservations or mobile ordering food, you will need your phone throughout the day. The last thing you will want is for your phone to die while you are trying to get a fast pass for a popular ride or have to wait next to an outlet for your phone to charge while you could have been on rides. I always suggest that guests bring in their park bag a portable cell phone power bank. You can find power banks with a variety of power capacities and overall size. This two pack mobile power bank is an inexpensive way to charge your phone on the go.

#3 Rain Ponchos - If you are visiting the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida you will find that it typically rains in the afternoon for about 20 to 30 minutes. Depending on which park you are at you can usually find somewhere to stand inside or at least under cover for the quick rain shower. However, one of my favorite tips for travelers is that the best time to ride some of the more popular outdoor rides is while it is raining. The wait times for these rides usually drop down during this time (As long as there is no lightning) so it can be the best time to join the queue. Therefore, I recommend families to bring compact, disposable or reusable rain ponchos. Raincoats can take up tons of space in your backpack so these small packs can save space and allow you to keep dry while still exploring the park in the rain.

#4 Band-Aids - Accidents happen all of the time and band-aids are sometimes necessary. If you are traveling with young children you might also find that they require band-aids for small “boo boos.” While Disney always have free band-aids at all of their first aid stations, you may not be able to get them as quickly as you need to or it may be for something so small that it would be inconvenient to walk all of the way to the first aid station. Therefore, I suggest that you pack a few band-aids in your backpack when you go to the parks. These fun assorted mickey mouse band-aids are super cute for the park.

#5 Frog Togg Cooling Towel - On one of my family’s Disney vacations years ago we saw so many people walking around with these strange looking towels on their necks. We would see parents cooling their children or themselves off with them in line. My dad finally found out what this product was and bought a few. They are amazing! We use cooling towels year around at sports practices and games to cool off as well. These cooling towels can help prevent heat exhaustion and help keep everyone happy when standing in the heat.

Have any other suggestions for products that you should purchase for your park bag for your next Disney vacation? Let us know! We’d love to hear your suggestions. If you want more tips for Disney subscribe to our blog. If you are interested in learning more about booking your next Disney vacation with us, free of charge complete our quote request form or email us at Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Pintrest @bcmagicaltipsandtrips.


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