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Disney Water Parks - Which Should I Plan on Visiting?

The Disney World Resort is made up of more than just the four theme parks everyone is familiar with. It also has two water parks: Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. We are going to take a closer look at the two so that you can decide which water park you want to visit.

What They Have In Common

There are quite a few characteristics that both water parks have in common. When you compare the number of rides each park has, the number is about the same, because the two parks are about the same size. They typically have a children’s area, inner tube rides, family slides, and large drop body slides. They also have their own lazy rivers and swimming pools at each park. The amenities at each like locker rooms, restaurants and gift shops are about equal.

Contrasting Their Themes

The main difference between the two parks are their separate themes. The Typhoon Lagoon park is based on the idea that a huge storm traveled through a tropical paradise leaving behind remnants of the previous park. Blizzard Beach is themed around the idea that Florida experienced a winter wonderland.

If you explore Typhoon Lagoon you will notice that at the top of its Mount Mayday is a shrimp boat impaled and grounded during the storm. Mount Mayday is the visual highlight of Typhoon Lagoon. Listen every half hour to hear it erupt and see the geyser blast that reaches 50 feet high.. The park is also littered with abandoned marine vessels and surfboards that the storm scattered around.

Blizzard Beach is covered in snow brought in from a “freak storm”. It’s modeled to resemble the fictional Mount Gushmore ski resort. The architecture is designed to look like a ski resort in Florida. And even though it is a water park, the decor includes ski lift chairs and fake snow.

Typhoon Lagoon vs Blizzard Beach

Which water park you prefer probably depends a lot on the rides it has. If you are an adrenaline seeker, you’ll want to head to Typhoon Lagoon for its Humunga Kowabunga ride. With a five story slide, it is considered the park’s scariest. But if that's not scary enough for you, head to Blizzard Beach for Summit Plummet. This 12 story body slide drops you nearly vertical, 360 feet!

If you prefer raft or inner tube rides, like I do, I would suggest Typhoon Lagoon (my personal favorite). The Crush ‘n’ Gusher is a thrilling raft roller coaster that can be rode with friends or family. You can also take a solo ride down Mount Mayday in an inner tube on Keelhaul Falls..

Blizzard Beach has a great pre-teen water area called Ski Patrol Training Camp. Here kids can play and swim in their own obstacle course area. There are smaller slides, ropes course, and zipline. There is also a smaller kiddie area that's perfect for younger kids. Therefore Blizzard Beach is often better for kids. While I think kids would love Typhoon Lagoon as well and I would definitely take my kids there in the future, Blizzard Beach is more geared for younger children.

Typhoon Lagoon also has an amazing snorkeling experience. That both children and adults love. You get to swim with sea creatures in Snark Reef. I love this attraction and look forward to swimming here each time I visit. Typhoon Lagoon also has Hammerhead Fred’s, a bar that goes unmatched at Blizzard Beach.

Things to Know

Depending on when you travel to Disney World, it is possible only one of the water parks will be open. Both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are typically open mid-March until the end of October. Typhoon Lagoon typically stays open from October to January and Blizzard Beach is typically open January to mid-March. Therefore, if you want to go to Typhoon Lagoon you will need to plan your Disney vacation from mid-March until January. If you want to go to Blizzard Beach you will need to travel from January until October.

Currently, Blizzard Beach is the only water park that is open at the Walt Disney World Resort. Disney has not announced when they plan to reopen Typhoon Lagoon. Hopefully as Disney increases their staffing they will be able to reopen this portion of the resort.

As always we would love to hear from you! Do you have a preference for a particular water park at Disney World? We want to know! We’d love to hear your suggestions. If you want more Disney tips subscribe to our blog. If you are interested in learning more about booking your next Disney vacation with us, free of charge complete our quote request form or email us at Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest @bcmagicaltipsandtrips.

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