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Our 5 Favorite Attractions at Magic Kingdom

When we think about the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Magic Kingdom is the park that most often comes to mind. The Magic Kingdom is home to Cinderella castle, many world-class rides, parades, shows and dining experiences. With so much to do, definitely plan at least two full park days at Magic Kingdom so that you can get to everything. We ranked out top 5 attractions (rides and shows) for you! Let us know if you love any of our favorites as well.

1. The “Big Three” - Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain.

We know these are not technically one attraction but we love these three rides that we have grouped them together as the “Big Three” mountains.

Splash Mountain is fun log ride that has the potential for you to get a little wet on. It is amazing how this ride ties a story into a thrilling ride. Disney Imagineers are currently working on re-theming the ride to be themed around the hit Disney movie Princess and the Frog, featuring Princess Tiana. While it is unclear when these changes will officially be complete, Disney has said they working working quickly on this project.

Right next to Splash Mountain is another one of the “Big Three” Big Thunder Mountain. This is “the wildest ride in the wilderness” as you ride in a train through the desert mountains. We love this fast and exhilarating ride. For added fun ride this at night during the fireworks show. You see them go off while riding and it makes it so much fun. If you don’t mind getting a little wet this ride is also a ton of fun when it is raining. As long at there is no lightning or extreme storm conditions that will continue to run this ride in the rain. My family rode at the beginning of a storm once and it made it so much better than it already is.

The third mountain at Magic Kingdom is Space Mountain. This two track ride is actually in the top of the dome. While moving through the line you will actually be traveling up to the top levels of the building. This indoor and dark roller coaster is thrilling. Make sure you keep your hands down, as this is a ride you would not want to put your hands up on. You will also have a totally different experience based on which track you get. While you cannot control which side you go to it can be fun riding more than once. One side is slightly faster while the other side is a little more rough. Definitely a great experience. We suggest getting a Fast Pass (When they come back) for this ride as the line can get long.

2. Happily Ever After - Our favorite Disney nighttime spectacular!

Happily Ever After is by far the best Disney World fireworks show we have ever seen. It is our absolute favorite show they have ever done. Between the fireworks, lasers, lights and other really cool special effects on Cinderella Castle this show is outstanding. Everything is perfectly timed (in Disney fashion) to classic Disney music. Tinker belle even makes an appearance when she flies from the castle. There is really no bad spot to watch the fireworks.

If you are interested there are packages that you can purchase that get you a reserved seat or standing location for the show. There is even a really good dessert package that gets you some delicious desserts and then a reserved spot for the show.

This is a must see and the whole family will enjoy it! When the pandemic first happened we would watch Happily Ever After on Youtube, just wishing we could be at Disney World. This show will be replaced on October 1, 2021 with Harmonious, which is set to be even better and more thrilling. Disney Enchantment is part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration at Walt Disney World. This should be a really exciting time to visit the parks!

3. The Jungle Cruise

This classic Disney ride is one of the original rides from Disneyland that made its way the Magic Kingdom when the park was first built. You and your family will be taken away on a river boat cruise through the jungle, with visits from several animals and the never ending jokes from your comedian tour guides, this ride is great for all ages. The new Disney movie, Jungle Cruise, was inspired by this very ride! This is great for when you need a relaxing, but still exciting ride from your magical day.

4. Haunted Mansion

This is also a classic Disney ride and like Jungle cruise was modeled after the original ride in Disneyland. This ride has so much history and an amazing storyline to go with it. While the ride has been revamped as few times, it is still a fan favorite. As you board your doom buggy just make sure you keep your knees down. As my father can attest, taller riders have the unfortunate chance of getting their knees banged by the automatically closing lap bar. While called the Haunted Mansion, the ride is not inherently scary. It was meant for children of all ages and while dark does have really fun music that helps it be more fun for kids. The line queue is also so much fun. There are interactive games you can play and really funny epitaphs written on the tombstones.

5. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This is the newest roller coaster in Magic Kingdom and arguably the most family friendly. You can swing or rock side to side while on the ride, which helps make it more smooth and fun! With a great soundtrack and interactive games in the line queue, it is a must do for all families. This ride tends to have the longest wait time in the park. When Fast Passes come back you will definitely want to try to score one. Until then try to get to this ride first. If you are staying on Disney property you are able to enter the parks 30 minutes early starting October 1, 2021. Additionally, this ride can have shorter wait times during the fireworks display, so check it out then as well (As long as you have seen the show - you will definitely want to check that out too!).

There are so many other attractions at the Magic Kingdom that we love to do! Some are Disney classics and some are newer as well. They are always updating and adding new things to do at Disney parks, giving guests a magical experience each and every time. Want to know more about what this park has to offer? Check out our other blog posts! Have suggestions for other must do attractions at Magic Kingdom? We want to know! We’d love to hear your suggestions. If you want more Disney trips subscribe to our blog. If you are interested in learning more about booking your next Disney vacation with us, free of charge complete our quote request form or email us at Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest @bcmagicaltipsandtrips.

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